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Custom Machine

Custom for us means a machine completely customized to the customer and product requirement, everything developed from scratch. Over the years we have acquired a lot of experience developing many custom machines, which makes us extremely good at it. There are no restrictions, contact us with any inquiry, you will not be disappointed.

Standard Machine

ECMEC Flowline, ECMEC Miniline, ECMEC SPM are our standard machines which can be adapted to the customer and product requirements. These machines are not limited in any way, special modifications can be made to meet the customer’s request.

Delivered machines

Here are some examples of machines we delivered to customers, these machines are delivered to customers around Europe.

Ongoing machine development

Here are some examples of machine concepts that are currently under development.


A completely new concept with horizontal machining, 3 simulations units with revolver units alternatively two-axis spindle units for 5-axis machining.

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